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UPDATE: What is going on with the gaming tables?

MORE THAN EXPECTED! There is lots of work to do. First of all we want to say THANK YOU  to all interests. It is overwhelming to read your response on our products. We are working heavily to get our prototypes finished and optimized for their purpose. Lets look back and see what happened in 2012 so far:

We started with the 4x4 variant. This one is divided into 2 halfs and builds packed a nice & handy case. This variant is optimized for a table size up to 1,00 meter. Everything above is possible but unhandily and it will be more expensive to ship cross the ocean. So this solution is suitable for all who need a relatively small 4x4 gaming table. While producing the first folding or modular table, named the CLASSIC VARIANT, a few more different variants came up caused into requirements of gaming, storing and shipping.

After realizing what is possible with this solution we continue to develop another gaming table system that make bigger battlefields become reality. This PREMIUM VARIANT is designed for 4x6 tables for games similar to Warhammer Fantasy for example. With this circumstances in mind we come up with this new battlefield system that is divided into 6 parts and can be packed into 2 or 3 cases. You can use 4 parts to build a 4x4 table or take all 6 parts. You can lock all parts together to get a safe connection. The terrain surfaces from foam are also reversible. Next step of developing will be to invent a sub construction that makes the whole 4x6 table stable. So you can place it on smallest table or just use two axle stands. So there is some work to do cause I think it will be a great and essential feature! And we are hopefully on the right track!

Beside this two constructions we are developing a so called BASIC-VARIANT. The features of this version are focused on getting a custom gaming surface that is easy to storage and modular to use. This one is not as heavy because of using very light materials but you need a table to place your gaming surface on it. This solution is for all gamers suitable who are looking for a nice terrain surface for a reasonable price. Also handy and easy in storage.

That is our current state of work. If you are interested? Contact us via mail! And if you think this project needs some help? Link, like & spread the message! Thank you very much!


Best regards & stay tuned!
Philipp Preiser aka Tabletop Lenny 

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