On the pictures you can see the 6 elements of the table building the gaming surface. We use very stable multiplex woods from beech and birch. Light and good for the construction. You can use all 6 elements to build a 4 x 6 foot sized gaming table or you could use just 4 to get a square table for common skirmish games.

The table is modular - a practical gaming sandwich when it comes to storage. You will get 2 transport-boxes pictures on the left for the table elements. These boxes have the right size to carry and to ship which is very important. Because we do not want to ship measurement cargo. 

If you are interested in a table just send a mail to: preiser.p@gmail.com

Sharing, liking and spreading the message of my tables will be great and motivates me to improve and develop better and cheaper ways.
Thank you very much in advance & stay tuned!

Best regards! PP

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