Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

WIP NEWS: A 4x6 Miniature Wargaming Table

The new variant of 4x6 gaming tables is up to 90% ready. It is dividable in 6 parts and transportable in two handy cases.

This are the 6 elements that build the gaming table.

Here you can see me sanding and flattening hard foam elements to make them fit into the cases.

A terrain surface got structured and sanded. It is an airfield or concrete road in the middle of a desert.

That is the look after some quick layers of paint.

So stay tuned! This gaming table solution will be ready hopefully very soon.
You will get detailed information, video and pictures.

If you are interested? 
Feel free to contact me via email:

Best regards!
Philipp Preiser aka Tabletop Lenny

p.s.: Sharing, liking and linking is very welcome! :-)

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