Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Miniature Wargaming Table Solutions


My name is Philipp Preiser aka Tabletop-Lenny. I build wargaming terrain and miniature wargaming tables. The gaming tables are modular. They are divided in several segments depending on the complete size of the gaming table. You can assemble the modules in two different ways. 

For transport you have the possibility to combine the elements to get a handy case that is easy to carry and space-saving in storage. 

If you want to play a match of your favorite wargame or tabletop game you just have to unlock the fasteners and in a bunch of moments you get a stable gaming surface. 

I am a longtime wargamer starting with Warhammer Fantasy over 15 Years ago and used to play several different systems till now. So I am able to produce a table that is fitting to your requirements.

In the moment I work on a 4x6 table solution that is dividable into three parts which is the common size for a lot of wargames.

If you are interested in a gaming table? and/or you need a terrain piece or set?
Just get in contact via mail!

Best regards!
Philipp Preiser

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