The optimal solution for all gamer´s that need a straight square table for their games. You get two modules that build the main gaming surface. It is a compact and light version. The mechanism of the product is very easy to handle. The boxes are made out of multiplex beech and birch woods. Staple and light when it comes to weight. 

Because of using this materials we have no problems with exporting those tables for a reasonable price into other continents and countries.
If you want to know how the modular gaming table works? Check out this VIDEO.

Here you can see one of my tables in action. A group of WARM/HORDES-GAMERS did their demonstrations by using my terrain & table. Which was really great to see. It happened on the ROLE PLAY CONVENTION in Cologne Germany. One of the biggest events with a special Tabletop Area. AWESOME!

GERMAN: Hier sieht man modulare, quadratische Tabletop Spieltische. Das System besteht aus 2 Spielfeldhälften, die zusammen gesetzt einen transportable Kiste bilden. Um die Funktionen des Spieltisches in Aktion zu sehen habe ich ein Video erstellt: KLICK 

Feel free to contact me via mail / Bei Interesse einfach melden: preiser.p@gmail.com

Best regards & beste Grüße!

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