Montag, 24. Juni 2013


Gaming tables must be easy. Easy to transport, easy to stock and easy to carry. First of all I have to say thank you to all people that are interested in my way of constructing a table. When it comes to wargaming a nice looking table is not a must but it makes the whole game play much more intersting. To run your games on a fantastic looking terrain board is obviously an awesome pleasure. If you want to play proper games of Warhammer Fantasy you need a straight table of 4 x 6 feet. That is important for the game mechanics and so for fair games. I started wargaming with Warhammer Fantasy and you will never forget a game on a small table against an army that is based on melee attacks. Especially if yours is focused on long range attacks. After a few games you will know why these rules are set. Within my experiments with several different table construction I made a lot of experiences - especially when it come to transport and shipping.

After thinking and digging for the right solution I am currently on the right track. Hopefully! The new table generation will be dividable into 6 parts building the gaming surface for your miniatures and terrain features.

You will get 2 transportable boxes, small and not so heavy. Set together it will build a complete 4 x 6 feet table. You can only use 4 segments to get a 4 x 4 if needed. Or you just looking for a 4 x 4 gaming table? This variant is also better with the new techniques.

I used a model for the new gaming table construction. Better test before build. You can see it on the first picture. After doing experiments with models I started to build in in real scale.  

GERMAN: Hier sieht man meine neuste Konstruktion. Das System für den Spieltisch wird grundlegend überarbeitet. Es gibt nun anstatt eines Tisches, der aus 3 Teilen besteht, eine Lösung, die in 6 Teile zerlegbar ist. Das ist leichter zu transportieren und noch platzsparender zu verstauen. Hier sieht man das Material und ein Arbeitsmodell.  
Es gibt bald mehr Infos zum Thema!

Best regards und bis die Tage!

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