Freitag, 11. November 2016

Modular Gaming Table for Sale

Finally the Gaming-Table-Train is rolling again and we would love to find a new home for some of our creations.

The first gaming table we want to offer is a 4x6 modular table which is also usable as a 4x4. The table comes without terrain. So if you want to build your own? Ready to go! If you need terrain? No problem! We can give you a quote too. Here you can get some impressions about our terrain work and the techniques we use: Commission

This is the beautiful table:
4x6 set up
4x4 set up
3 cases for 4x6 // 2 cases for 4x4
This table comes with transport-cases that work like a frame. The table only needs a normal desktop or small kitchen-table and is self-supporting.

Back: case packed // Front: case unpacked 
General Information: Our tables are not industrial manufactured! They are unique work pieces with a mind of its own.

If you are interested in this table?
Please get in touch via Email at:

Thank you very much!
And feel free to link and promote this post. That will help a lot! 

Best regards,
Philipp Preiser aka Tabletop Lenny   

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